Fiber Optic Splicer CETC AV6471       

Main Feature:
1.	New fully-digitalized design
2.	Small volume, light weight, only 2.8kgs include battery
3.	8 seconds splicing, 25 seconds Heat-Shrinking
4.	Close shield splice automatically, Close heater, heat automatically
5.	X/Y axes were displayed meanwhile, Magnification upto 304 times
6.	Real time calibrating system for discharging, parameter needn’t be adjusted
7.	Long Electrode Lifetime, up to 4000 times
8.	USB and VGA ports
9.	5.7 inch digital high distinguish LCD
10.	Battery capacity was display in real time. Precisely
11.	Built-in high capacity battery. 220 times splicing and heating can be accomplished easily.

Typical Application:
AV6471 Fiber Splicer mainly applied to fiber cable construction, fiber line maintenance, rush repair fiber cable and fiber device produce test

Publicado por: Clovercr

Lidar com coladeira fusão de fibra óptica

Tianjin, TJ - Brazil