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Yamaha C7 "CLEAN" Grand Piano Outlet------8000$

Originally purchased new in 1984 this Yamaha C7 was owned privately and extremely well maintained. It is not too common to find a C7 in this fine a condition due to the fact the usually used for commercial purposes. The finish is excellent with no scratches or dents. When it came in we didn´t even have to polish it. Strings pins and felts all perfect needing nothing replaced. Hammers are nice and full and have never been filed. Piano is on the bright side, I would give it a 7 from 1 to 10 but it can be voiced to be warmer at no extra cost. This would be a great piano for a studio or concert hall!
I played this piano as soon as it arrived, bass strings sound great with a lot of sustain and projection no need to replace anything so the piano is 100% original Yamaha

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