FOR SALE, Hohner Gola 414 Accordion--6000$       


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Hohner Gola 414 Accordion built in Germany in 1964---------6000$


Hohner Gola 414 Accordion built in Germany in 1962,we bought it new from Germany 1980, ever since we be renting it for special occation and we took incredible care of this accordion and as a result it is in very good condition for its age.  Features hand made reeds.

Gola is when playing the accordion becomes a passion, when nothing else counts but the realization of musical potential, inspired by the combination of the sound of a truly great instrument and one's own powers of imagination.

The Gola represents the premium level of accordion building worldwide and is the instrument of choice for soloists of the highest level of ability (including numerous World Champions), whether on stage or in the recording studio. The combination of top quality materials and workmanship of the finest degree of precision results in superlative instruments for the most discerning players.

The quality of these remarkable accordions is apparent from the moment of ordering one. A Gola is not found lying around in a music store, it is constructed solely according to the wishes and requirements of the customer. In this way, Giovanni Gola´s vision is still realized virtually unchanged today at the Hohner works in Trossingen. Every single Gola ordered around the world is built by a small team of master craftsmen who work exclusively on this instrument.


Treble: 41 keys, range F-A, 4 voices, 11 registers
Tuning: Double Octave with Tremolo
Bass: 120 buttons, 5 voices, 7 registers
Colors: Black
Weight: 26 lbs
Size 7.5"" deep by 17.25"" high
Keyboard: 19""
Tone Chamber: 16´+8´
Accessories Included: Hard case, luxury shoulder straps

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