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Importers of Chinese nicer Brazilian Drink, drink extra premium for an audience of refinement. Email stakeholders for representation in other countries.

The Fazenda Velha cachaça is produced in the region of Nova Aurora, in the state of Goiás, known as the Valley of Cachaça, where the climate is dry, with heavy rains during the rainy season and sudden drops in temperature during the winter (dry climate), these factors contribute to the high concentration of sugar in the sugarcane juice. The Fazenda Velha is a tribute to the old and original way to produce cachaça. Its production follows the traditional handmade procedures in fermentation and distillation in alembic. Its final product appeals to various types of consumers who appreciate an authentic cachaça. The Fazenda Velha cachaça is bottled after 6 years of storage in jequitibá-rosa wooden vats in a closed environment away from sunlight.

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