MINÉRIO DE FERRO 64,5%       

SPECIFICATIONS: IRON ORE REJECTION SINTER FEED 64,5% -REJECTION 63,5% Fe (iron) 64,5 % rejection 63,5%

P(phosphorus) 0,060 % aprox. SiO2 3,500 % aprox. Al2O3 0,500 % aprox.

S(sulphur) 0,035 % aprox. Mn 0,090 % aprox. CaO 0,200 % aprox. K2O 0,020 % aprox. Chromium 0,005 % aprox. Ca 0,210 % aprox. Zinc 0,080 % aprox. Mg 0,070 % aprox. Sn < 0,010 % aprox. Na2O 0,020 % aprox. TiO2 0,050 % aprox. Mn 0,090 % aprox. FeO max 3,900 % aprox. Moisture Content 8,000 % aprox. Max (Free Moisture Loss at 105 degrees centigrade)

Physical characteristics: 14, 00 mm ~8 mm 07%max 7, 99 mm ~3 mm 10%min 2,99 mm ~1 mm 65%min 0, 15 mm ~3 mm 20%max

FIRST DELIVERY IN THE TERM OF: 45/60 days in load

Form of Payment:


BG of the first 3 months and then Irrevocable, (ARDLC) Auto Revolving, Documentary Letter  transferable of
Divisible, Credit issue or confirmed by a 25 Top Prime Bank, payable 100% at sight on presentation of documents agreed in Contract. (http://www.bankersalmanac.com/addcon/infobank/wldrank.aspx).


Payments will be released by the amount of each B/L, SGS is presented in the buyer bank together with documents of shipping contract as detailed in clause No. 8 and the same as those detailed in this document bearing the inscription:


DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR PAYMENT. The site of releasing of funds or payment will be in the port of LOADING. Incoterms 2000 (Set of international rules for the interpretation of terms used in international trade) PBG: 2% PB (Performance Bond Guarantee) to be provided by the seller's bank to the buyer bank in the form of unencumbered, irrevocable, divisible, confirmed SBLC/PBG for each vessel two days before loading.


PROCEDURES: Not negotiable, Buyer sends ICPO accepting price and procedures via e-mail, fax or courier, RWA, passport copy of mandate and end buyer with soft probe or BCL RWA. Seller reply with FCO via e-mail, fax or courier.

The buyer receives accepting FCO, print, sign, seal and returns it to the Seller, attached with the (bank LC draft for acceptance) to the seller by e-mail, fax or courier, The seller sends Final draft contract to the Buyer via e-mail, fax or courier. Buyer verifies and returns it to Seller by e-mail, fax or courier.

Seller, check verified and if all acceptable, will sign the final contract and return to the buyer via e-mail, fax and courier. Buyer verifies that the contract is final approved, signed and sealed by the seller. Within 7 (seven) days the final contract must be returned to Seller, signed and approved, by buyer e-mail, fax or courier If the final contract is not returned to the seller at the deadline, contract shall be considered null. After the contract is returned to the seller, the seller will render the Performa invoice and send to the Buyer via e-mail, fax and courier. After receiving the Performa invoice from the Seller via e-mail, fax or courier, the buyer will issue a Letter of Credit LC operative and active, valid, current irrevocable for the total contract amount USD xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (United state dollars xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx), in 10 (ten) banking days. Payments will be released by the amount of each B/L, SGS is presented in the buyer bank together with documents of shipping contract as detailed in clause No. 8 and the same as those detailed in this document bearing the inscription:

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR PAYMENT. The site of releasing of funds or payment will be in the port of destination at vessel arrival. Letter of Credit LC must be valid for CONTRACT PERIOD. Any attempt to set the payment instrument off time, will be automatically rejected by the seller. (The following link will give more information about the process of issuing the guarantee payment instrument: It needs to be 100% payable at sight per shipment. This implies that the Chinese will pay before the ships depart the Port. Payment is to be 100% at-site of loading documents ONLY. There must be a POF clause in the procedures of the LOI.

Bank of China is not acceptable, as a trade bank. You would need a Hong Kong based bank, such as HSBC, or a European Bank, where POF practices are common. And Buyer on the process of obtaining the Letter of Credit LC the buyer's bank shall issue a copy of the application is being submitted , certificating that the Letter of Credit LC is in process and has begun and is under revision. This document will be the ULTIMATE proof that the buyer and buyer's bank are involved with the processing of it. A deadline date will be stated by the seller detail in contact, in order to present this important document. The buyer request his bank the printed text of the LETTER OF CREDIT BANK SWIFT will scan it, and it will be send it to the seller via e-mail, fax or courier. The LETTER OF CREDIT LC will be tested by the seller, and will be comparing with the relevant contract, to confirm that all documents are consistent. From the receipt of the Letter of Credit LC, and within the period of 45/60 working banking day's delivery begins to run.



After yourself BROKER OR PRINCIPAL BUYER personally reviewing and accepting our: FORMS (LOI/ICPO/ MUST enclosed copy of your passport with your LOI/ICPO) after accepting. OUR PROCEDURES and receiving your request on a form of LOI or ICPO form is OFFICIAL. WARNING -NON-PERFORMER´S brokers and clients WILL BE ADD TO THE BLACK LIST no exception. (WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY TYPE OF CHANGES IN OUR FORMS OR PROCEDURES)

Please Note these prices may be subject to change without notice. The market prices for commodities and products commercialized by SELLER are subject to change without notice. Only a fully executed final contract will guaranty the price, terms, quantity and time frame between Buyer and Seller. No B/L Copies-Because they are a violation of privacy and International Law No Past SGS Reports-Because they prove nothing apart from being illegal according to the ICC Rules No Photographs-Because they prove nothing No trial shipments No Performance Bond before payment instrument. No (loading port-) visit before payment instrument. No Imfpa before contract closed (accepted payment instrument in place).

Article 13: Confidentiality NO PAST PERFORMANCE. Buyer and Seller respect the highly confidential nature of this Agreement and agree to maintain in strictest confidence the names of the parties whose identities may become known to one another through either the tendering of documents or assembly of banking or governments approvals. The parties agree to maintain strict confidentiality concerning the identities of the parties directly or indirectly involved in this transaction. All data remains the property of the party who has brought the respective data into this transaction. Any of the parties breaching this rule will be liable for any damages resulting from such action to be committed deliberately or by negligence.

In case of breach of the respective rules emitted, the laws of the International Chamber of Commerce in Geneva, Switzerland will be applied to.


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