OTDR AOR500       

Optical Time Domain Reflectomete  OTDR AOR500
Portable OTDR can satisfy all of the short fiber’s OTDR test requirements, it has the remarkable events blind area and dynamic range, better to meet your specific OTDR test requirements. With the perfect combination of visual fault location, can guarantee fiber fault detection.

Key Features
Convenient one-button testing
High speed signal processing
Less test time and fast analysis
USB port connect to PC
Input optical signal auto detection
Built-in VFL

Optical cable’s opening and maintenance
LAN’S s\opening and maintenance
MDRTX’s opening and maintenance
Television network’s opening and maintenance
The special optical networks’ opening and maintaince
With accurate, quick, easy operating and full-featured, the OTDR (AOR-500) is Suitable for field applications.

Quick Test
Opening: testing as soon as opening without waiting
Testing: Smart one-button operation
Event table: Intelligent analysis software in accordance with user requirements listed cable fault point , benchmarking and event tables linkage so that user quickly locate the fault
Benchmarking operations: Shortcuts user-friendly fast-moving benchmark, trace zoom, focus users concern.

Smart trace analysis
AOR Series intelligent embedded OTDR trace analysis module can be quickly and accurately analyze the test curve event points , the point of failure and its location information, and events in the form of a table display , users do not need to know the expertise to deal with the cumbersome cable testing conditions glance , especially for line maintenance staff. If users are not satisfied with the event table , you can re-set analysis parameters have been measured traces were analyzed again.

Online optical signal detection
Containing the test optical fiber communication optical signal , not only affects the OTDR test results , and cause irreparable damage to the equipment inside APD. OTDR fiber under test can automatically detect whether it contains communications optical signal. When the instrument itself detection test fiber optical signal communication with automatically prompts and provide the fastest and most immediate protection for the instrument .

Friendly user interface
The friendly user interface shows details of the event list in a clear and big screen. Coordinated with the distinctive designed keyboardoperation, displaying of event trace in a clear and brief way for trace zooming in or zooming out.

Unique button design
Because of unique button design, user can easy to operate OTDR AOR500 no any training.
Convenience of VLS function
With AOR series of visible red light fault (VLS) function can be very conveniently and quickly found short fiber link break or big loss point position, so that maintenance person to take action in time and save time.

Model	AOR500
Centre wavelength(+-20nm)	1310/1550nm
Dynamic range (dB)	32/30
Pulse Length	10ns  20ns  50ns  100ns  200ns  500ns  1000ns  2500ns
Event Dead Zone (m)	1.5
ATT Dead Zone(m)	5
Distance range(Km)	2KM  5KM  10KM  15KM  30KM  60KM  90KM
Testing time	5s  15s  30s  60s  120s  180s
Uncertainty of Distance	+-(1+0.005% x distance + sampling resolution)
Loss measuring accuracy	+-0.05dB/dB
Return measuring accuracy	+-2dB
other parameter	Visible light
Memory	Max 9999 article	wavelength	650+-20nm
Type of fiber	single	output	Less than 1dB
Screen	3.5inch color lcd	The standard joint	FC/UPC
Standard optical interface	FC/SC (ST)		
Battery	Intelligent rechargeable lithium battery
Working time	More than 10 hours(Bellcore TR-NWT-001138)
Size	198mm×108mm×68mm
Weight	0.09kg

Packing List 
Standard Accessories
AC/DC adapter	1
Operation guide	1
Carrying bag	1
USB cable	1
SD card	1
Calibration certificate	1

Unit Type:  set
Package Weight:  2.000kg (4.41lb.)
Package Size:  20cm x 30cm x 30cm (7.87in x 11.81in x 11.81in)

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Lidar com coladeira fusão de fibra óptica

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