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20pcs Fulltone GT500 Overdrive / Distortion / Boost Pedal - GT500U---1200$

The GT-500 Effects Pedal from Fulltone is a discrete FET Hi-Gain Distortion and Overdrive Booster in one box. You could think of them as 2 separate pedals, or think of them as stages to be linked together for endless combinations. The Hi-Gain side has Volume, Distortion knobs, Bass, Mid, and Highs minipots. Its Booster Side has Volume, Overdrive knobs, Bass and Highs minipots.


Maximum Current Draw: 14 milliamps (all knobs cranked)
Weight: 2 lb.
Size: 5-3/4" W x 2-1/2" H x 3-7/8 D

Distortion side

Input impedance: 150K
Output impedance: 15K

Booster/OD side

Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: 600 ohms

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