Real Estate and Properties in Brazil       

We have a department specializing in the real estate market in Brazil. 
In our portfolio there are farms, agricultural land, ethanol mills, plots for the establishment of factories and/or warehouses,hotels and also apartments and houses, especially in the states of Bahia, Sao Paulo, Federal District and Goias. Tell us about your demand. www.enterbrazil.com/realestate 
Based in Brasilia, capital of the country, we also have an office in Miami-Florida,USA. 
 We can also help you to sell your properties in Brazil or the USA.
Brazil, Brazilian market, Brasil, Real estate, properties.  

Phone: (61)3361-1869 Email: [email protected] 

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A enterbrazil é especializada em propiciar aos estrangeiros a realização de negócios no brasil e aos brasileiros a encontrarem parceiros no exterior. www.enterbrazil.com EnterBrazil Consultancy, Exportação, Importação, trading, venda, commodity

Brasília, DF - Brazil