WTS: Mipro 808t/r Wireless In Ear Monitor System       

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The MI-808 system is a professional UHF-band stereo receiver and transmitter. The system is frequency-agile over a 24 MHz bandwidth with 16 selectable pre-programmed non-interference frequencies. The MI-808 receiver utilizes advanced dual-antenna true diversity technology that eliminates signal dropouts and enhances signal stability. These high quality receivers operate in user selectable mono or stereo output modes, have selectable built in limiting for aural protection and feature a lightweight, exceptionally durable magnesium alloy case. The MI-808 transmitter utilizes advanced technology that adopts the latest in high-efficiency RF transmission design. These professional high quality transmitters include rack ears and are housed in a rigid metal enclosure. MIPRO offers three different choices in high performance, secure and comfortable ear buds to complete the system.

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