Brand New LG GD910 3G Touch Watch Phone----500Euro       

Brand New LG GD910 3G Touch Watch Phone-----500Euro

Product Information

The LG GD910 3G watch phone brings a serious sci-fi vibe into your life. With a full touch screen, a built-in camera, a built-in speaker, Bluetooth, and a 

voice recognition system, this bionic gadget can play music, take photos, work as a diary and a scheduler, read back your text messages or make video-calls. 

And of course, it tells the time.

Product Features

Various clock faces On the GD910 you have 8 different faces to choose from, choosing which is best for you by swiping either up or down on the touch-screen. 

There are some classic styles as well as ones with a world clock. If you press and hold on the world clock face you can change it you the place in the world 

you require.


The GD910 is also capable of your standard functionality like other LG handsets. Making call, texting and browsing your phone book are made easy as they are 

just like any other standard LG device on the market just on a smaller screen. The watch phone is Bluetooth enabled so you will be able to make those calls 

via your headset which is provided in the box. The watch also has a loudspeaker which enables you to hear your calls.

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