Chameleon Spectra Aluminum Composite Panel       

Anchoe Chameleon Spectra Aluminum Composite Panel

Brilliant, iridescent colors found in nature were the inspiration for Anchoe Chameleon Spectra colors.

When light hits the spectra finishes, it is broken up and refracted by the individual surface layers which creates its beautiful color shifting effect.
Depending upon the type of pigment and viewpoint, different enhancing color effects with highlights and iridescent color gradients appear.

The price of ACP depend on your panel specification, here is our specification:

Total thickness:2mm ~10mm
Alloy skin:0.08mm~1.00mm
Length: 2440mm(standard), the maximum can reach 8000mm
Coating: PE, PVDF, NANO
Core: LDPE, HDPE, Fireproof

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