AMBERLUXLED ----3528 Waterproof Flexible LED Strip       

AMBERLUXLED ----3528 Waterproof Flexible LED Strip

Product Specification

3528(1210) Waterproof  flexible LED strip, 30 LEDs/M

Product name: 3528(1210) Waterproof  flexible LED strip
Model: AL-3528FX30J-12
Dimension: L5000mm*W8mm
Quantity of leds: 30 SMDs/M, 150 LEDs/pcs.
Voltage: DC 12V(24V)
Power dissipation: 2.4W, every 3 LEDs can be cut(12V), every 6 LEDs can be cut(24V).
Forward current: 1A/reel
Viewing angle: 120 degree
Packing: 5m/reel
Color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white , RGB LED strip are optional.
PCB color: white, brown, black are optional.
Certification: CE & ROHS

1. Indoor and outdoor decoration lightings
2. Large scale backlight
3. Window display lighting
4. Building contour decorative lighting
5. Ad. Signs, light boxes
6. Landscape outlines
7. Car and motorcycle decorative lighting
8. Bridge edge lighting
9. Architectural decorative lighting
10. Emergency hallway lighting

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