Business and Feasibility Plan Consulting Services       

Business and Feasibility Plan Consulting Services
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Entering a new market can be challenging by itself. Now, entering a market overseas might be even more surprising either when business strategies are not defined or an investment plan is not drafted in details.  Business plans get results, whether that means directing your strategic objectives or preparing you to raise growth capital. 
Phone: (61)3361-1869 Email: [email protected] 
Brazil is a large economy with broad industrial sectors.  In order to achieve excellent results, it´s essential to clearly understand the nuances of the project´s environment. 
EnterBrazil´s services benefit our clients in the following ways: 
Distinguished Team of Experienced Advisors
EnterBrazil business plan consultants are highly qualified to assist you. Specifically, EnterBrazil team members have: 
 	Assisted launching brand building campaigns, trained sales teams, managed corporate financial operations in and outside Brazil
 	Served in senior management and operating executive positions of mid-sized and large corporations 
 	Attained advanced degrees from top universities in Brazil 
Our collaborative environment ensures that each client benefits from the experience, insight, and knowledge of our team.
Customized Methodology
Each and every EnterBrazil business plan is 100% customized based on your specific needs and objectives. Unlike most business plan writing companies, we do not simply document our clients´ business ideas. Rather, our business plan consultants carefully question, challenge, research, and verify your ideas and assumptions.  As a result, EnterBrazil clients are fully prepared to pursue feasible business opportunities and execute on realistic, effective strategies. 
Understanding our Business Plan Method
Service Follow-up and Feed-back
Our consultancy does not end when we hand you the business plan document. We strive to develop long-term business relationships with our clients. Through EnterBrazil´s combined suite of business services, we guide our clients through the entire business life-cycle, from idea to market entry to growth.

Our Business Plan Steps
By applying our expertise, we have developed an exchange engagement method that ensures high-quality, fully customized business plans for our clients.
Our process consists of seven distinct phases, designed to maximize quality and client satisfaction. 
1.	Management Interviews: Here, we collect and document your "verbal" growth plan, including your vision, key accomplishments to date, mission-critical challenges and opportunities, key objectives and goals, and growth strategies. In this phase, we also identify and refine key research questions, and work to define and communicate an effective "story" for the business plan. 
2.	Strategic Market Research: In this phase, we size the relevant market place, analyze competitors, profile existing and prospective customer groups, and assess the business opportunity. EnterBrazil also conducts "benchmarking research" during this phase of its engagement process. This involves identifying other companies that have succeeded and/or failed with similar businesses and/or initiatives. 
3.	Checkpoint Document: At this stage, we deliver a "checkpoint" document to confirm that we are in agreement with you regarding the strategic direction of the plan, the business plan´s focus, and the tone and language of the plan. (The checkpoint document is delivered either as a business plan outline or a draft of an executive summary). 
4.	Additional Research and Strategy Work: After incorporating your feedback from the "checkpoint" document, we begin additional research regarding your business strategy (roll-out, financials, marketing, operations, etc.) and communication strategy (how best to articulate your unique opportunity to existing and potential stakeholders and investors). 
5.	Draft Plan: Next, we provide a draft of the deliverables, which typically include an Executive Summary, Integrated Financials (historical and projected), and a complete business plan (company analysis, customer and market analyses, industry and competitive analyses, marketing, operations, and development plans, management team, appendices). 
6.	Review and Revise: In this phase, we review the draft plan with you and and discuss the focus, wording, and flow of the document. We incorporate any necessary revisions and refinements, and prepare the revised plan. 
7.	Package and Finalize: The final stage involves creating a clean, professional document, with graphical enhancements, that is copy-edited, formatted, and ready to be presented to stakeholders and investors. 
Phone: (61)3361-1869 Email: [email protected] 

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